Gleitbau & VBT-Systems

VBT-Systems brand stands for superior products of pre-stressed concrete engineering, professional expertise in design and work preparation as well as reliable execution on-site. As an owner-run family company we enable our customers a professional supervision and efficiency by quick decision processes and short response time.

Under the auspices of the internationally-active Gleitbau group considerable chances and interesting synergies are generated by integration of tasks in connection with slipforming and concrete technology.

The engineers and technicians of VBT-Systems provide a large treasure of experience due to respective activities within a period of 50 years. This know-how, acquired during the past, is the basis for innovative product development as well as process enhancement which represent a benefit for our numerous clients.

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Post-tensioning systems and slipform methods.
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Tank constructions

  • Installation of unbonded pre-stressing tendons (including anchors) during sliding process
  • Installation of anchors and steel ducts during sliding process for bonded strand post-tensioning

Highrise constructions

  • Slabs with (unbonded pre-stressing with so called free tendon position) e.g. in combination with sliding process of the cores
  • Slabs with bonded strand post-tensioning (e.g. in combination with sliding process of the cores)